Stability of Conducting Medium Flows between Plane Continuous Electrodes Inclined to the Horizonстатья

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[1] Glinov A. P. Stability of conducting medium flows between plane continuous electrodes inclined to the horizon // Fluid Dynamics. — 2015. — Vol. 50, no. 3. — P. 322–331. The mathematical formulation of the problem of analysis of the stability of flows of a conducting continuous medium associated with Joule heat generation in an inclined plane layer in the presence of the gravity force is formulated. A one-dimensional steady-state background solution is found. Volt-ampere characteristics (VAC) are constructed and investigated. It is shown that S-shaped voltage dependences of the current density can exist under certain conditions when three solutions with different current densities are possible for a given voltage. The solution with the mean current density that corresponds to the VAC fragment with a negative differential resistance is unstable. A model of analysis of two-dimensional perturbations based on the Oberbeck–Boussinesq equations and a thermal discharge model is proposed. [ DOI ]

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