Observational Limits on Gauss–Bonnet and Randall–Sundrum Gravitiesстатья

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[1] Observational limits on gauss–bonnet and randall–sundrum gravities / S. O. Alexeyev, K. A. Rannu, P. I. Dyadina et al. // Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics. — 2015. — Vol. 120, no. 6. — P. 966–973. We discuss the possibilities of experimental search for the new physics predicted by the Gauss– Bonnet and the Randall–Sundrum theories of gravity. The effective fourdimensional spherically symmetrical solutions of these theories are analyzed. We consider these solutions in the weakfield limit and in the process of the primordial black hole evaporation. We show that the predictions of the discussed models are the same as of general relativity. Hence, current experiments are not applicable for such search, and therefore different methods of observation and higher accuracy are required. [ DOI ]

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