Relativistic Twisted Accretion Disc around a Kerr Black Holeстатья

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[1] Zhuravlev V. V., Ivanov P. B. Relativistic twisted accretion disc around a kerr black hole // Proceedings of the MG13 Meeting on General Relativity (in 3 Volumes). — ISBN #9789814623995. — World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd Singapore, 2015. — P. 1361–1364. In this contribution we discuss the dynamics of a twisted fully relativistic accretion disc around a slowly rotating black hole. At first, we outline the derivation of basic equations assuming that geometrical thickness of disc, inclination angle of its rings with respect to the black hole equatorial plane and rotation parameter of the black hole are small. Then, we analyse the shapes of the stationary twisted configurations for a particular case of the Novikov-Thorne model of the disc. [ DOI ]

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