Peculiarities of Matrix-Element Calculations with Few Coulomb Functions for Particles’ Scattering Processesстатья

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[1] Ochbadrakh C., Konstantin K., Yuri P. Peculiarities of matrix-element calculations with few coulomb functions for particles’ scattering processes // EPJ Web of Conferences. — 2018. — Vol. 173. — P. 03007–1– 03007–4. Specific features of the matrix-element calculations in the momentum-space representation are discussed for the single ionization of the He atom by fast proton impact in the case when the Coulomb interactions of all three charged fragments in the final state are taken into account. It is shown that a “soft” smoothing of the Coulomb singularity does not affect the accuracy of the calculations in a certain region of the smoothing parameter values. [ DOI ]

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