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[1] Generalova E., Generalov V., Potienko N. Affordable housing under shaping dense vertical urbanism // Cities to Megacities: Shaping Dense Vertical Urbanism. — 2016. — P. 650–659. Rapid urbanization causes major problems of urban sprawl and social stratification, and at the same time it opens up new opportunities of shaping dense vertical urbanism and searching for innovative models of affordable high-rise housing. To improve the quality of living remains a topical issue. Herewith, comfortable housing is one of the basic human needs. In that context it is of great interest to analyze the large-scale housing program of affordable housing construction in Hong Kong and Singapore. Having faced the problems of scarcity of land and overpopulation,active development of high-rise construction including high-rise public housing took place in these cities. It is concluded that the search for new forms of high-rise affordable housing is the best way forward for urban development, not only under the conditions of scarcity of land, but also in the fight against urban sprawl.

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