Characterizing barred galaxies in the Abell 901/902 supercluster from STAGESстатья

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[1] Characterizing barred galaxies in the abell 901/902 supercluster from stages / I. Marinova, S. Jogee, D. Bacon et al. // NEW HORIZONS IN ASTRONOMY: FRANK N. BASH SYMPOSIUM 2007. — Vol. 393 of Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. — 2008. — P. 231–234. In dense clusters, higher densities at early epochs as well as physical processes such as rain pressure stripping and tidal interactions become important and can have direct consequences for the evolution of bars and their host disks. To study bars and disks as a function of environment, we are using the STAGES ACS HST survey of the Abell 901/902 supercluster, along with earlier field studies based the SDSS and the Ohio State University Bright Spiral Galaxy Survey (OSUBSCS). We explore the limitations of traditional methods for characterizing the bar fraction and particularly highlight uncertainties in disk galaxy selection in cluster environments. We present an alternative approach for exploring the proportion of bars, and investigate the their properties as a function of host galaxy color, Sersic index, stellar mass, star formation rate (SFR.), specific SFR, and morphology.

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