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[1] Sazhin M. V., Khlopov M. Y. Cosmological strings and gravitational lens effects // ASTRONOMICHESKII ZHURNAL. — 1989. — Vol. 66, no. 02. — P. 191–193. In the framework of the grand unification models, the necessary condition for the existence of cosmological strings is physically grounded in the presence of mirror doubles of ordinary particles and fields. These strings, Alice's strings, in addition to the effects of gravitational lens and of perturbations of matter and radiation caused by their large linear mass density, change the relative mirror property of astronomical objects and their radiation. This can lead to rapid luminosity variations of quasars and to differences between the spectra of quasar images in the gravitational lens. Due to the symmetry of the average characteristics of the ordinary and mirror radiation of galaxies, the difference between the images of remote galaxies can be caused only by the asymmetry of their location with respect to the line of sight on the string.

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